PERCEVALE is made of several platforms of research and experimentation, connected to a main network infrastructure using different access technologies. Each of the platform focuses on the research and experimentation of a specific service and/or technology. The gained expertise is then quickly transferred to the industrial world.

PERCEVALE significantly contributes to the strategy of your organization in:

  • Making research, testing products and/or services developed by your organization.
  • Maximizing the return of investments made.
  • Becoming a privileged partner of the Institute, which offers a unique type of education that makes it a leading College in France.

PERCEVALE contributes to the strategy of the TELECOM SudParis in:

  • Maximizing the return of investments.
  • Strengthening cross means (in engineering and in management) that serve the different research and teaching departments of the Institute.
  • Strengthening the image of the Institute.
  • Developing the position of the Institute as a privileged partner of industrials on an international scale.

PERCEVALE welcomes all types of organizations: From industrial groups to smaller companies seeking to improve their competitiveness as well as universities and other research organizations.